Workplace Diversity

Most people get into high tech via hard work, thoughtful mentors and good schools.  But while techies exist in every school, not every school has the ability to train them for quality high-tech jobs.  We are really proud of the partnership we have with Resilient Coders, an organization founded by David Delmar to teach coding skills to urban youth.  This awesome non-profit works to train youth in underserved communities how to code through a series of programs that range from boot camps on web development fundamentals through to their Resilient Lab, where coders have the opportunity to work on actual customer projects.
Working with David Delmar, The Data Collaborative hired a very talented coder, Matt Hoppe, from the Resilient Lab program. The benefits have gone both ways: every element of diversity at Data Collaborative helps us see the world from a broader perspective – and that means we bring more knowledge and context to all of our work.  When all that comes together, it’s exciting.  Projects we work on include developing custom databases, integrating systems, creating mobile applications and building web portals.
In a climate where controversy is swirling around immigration, equal opportunity and diversity, National Public Radio recently revisited The Dream 9, an account written by Antonia Cereijido and Marlon Bishop about what it means to be young and undocumented in the United States.  One member of The Dream 9 group was a young woman named Maria; a Mexican immigrant and a true activist.  Maria is now a Resilient Coder.  Thanks to #NPR and #ResilientCoders for reminding us that we need to stand together and help each other to become the best we can be.

Lisa Sullivan

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