Minnesota Language ConnectionChallenge:

The Minnesota Language Connection (MLC) is a provider of interpreting services for limited-English proficiency speakers. When WebEx announced that it was discontinuing its data platform, MLC selected Quick Base for its new interpreter management system. MLC had to:

  • Find a firm willing and able to rapidly develop a new interpreter management system.
  • Transition data to the new system before WebEx platform was discontinued.
  • Maximize the powerful capabilities of Quick Base to improve on the past database — streamline business processes, reduce costs and improve response time.
  • MLC engaged the Data Collaborative (DC) to rapidly develop a Quick Base interpreter management system.
  • DC automated processes for submitting new requests, identifying and contacting interpreters, sending confirmations to client (health care provider) and interpreter.
  • DC developed custom portal to allow interpreters access to key information about appointments.
  • DC created a mobile app that allows MLC’s interpreters to directly input hours worked and their clients to immediately approve onsite.

New interpreter management application was up and running within one month
Additional functionality to streamline business processes was added following launch.  Improvements included:

  • Eliminating manual data entry by the scheduling staff for 25,000 worksheets/year.
  • Interpreters are able to access and instantly respond to new requests, review confirmed appointments, check key details, submit hours worked and receive client approvals.
  • This significantly reduced the time spent by MLC’s customer service reps contacting interpreters, answering interpreters’ questions and tracking down client approvals and confirming interpreter hours worked.

Improving emergency order response time from 5-15 minutes to about 40 seconds
These improvements have strengthened MLC’s brand and increased client, patient and staff satisfaction.
MLC is well-positioned to increase business without additional staff.